Apply For Support

Thank you for applying to the White Matter Brain Cancer Trust for support at a time that is very difficult for you and your family.

We appreciate that there are many different types of support that you may require and the trustees will meet to discuss this. Trustees come from a number of professional backgrounds and with their personal experience of brain cancer have a good understanding of your situation.

The Trust will consider funding any activity that will help alleviate stress within families and enhance the quality of life of brain cancer patients. For example, this may involve respite care assistance, making a family holiday possible, assisting a spouse who has had to take time off to care for their partner or helping make a wish come true that would not otherwise be possible.

Applicants must give consent to disclose their diagnosis and provide correspondence from their treating doctor – no other detailed information is required unless you feel it necessary.

For further information contact us, giving a contact phone number and one of the trustees will call to give you further information about our brain cancer financial assistance.

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