The White Matter Brain Cancer Trust is a charitable trust which has been established specifically for people diagnosed with brain cancer. The aim of the Trust is to enhance the quality of life of brain cancer sufferers and support them and their families by funding special experiences and practical assistance. 

Andrew White is typical of the demographic of patients diagnosed with brain cancer. This is his story in brief – at 25 years of age Andrew had recently graduated, was embarking on a career and was about to become a father. He was a kind, family oriented, fun loving young man with the world at his feet. The diagnosis of a malignant brain tumour was utterly devastating for him, his partner, his family and his friends.

Andew John White

Despite the grim prognosis Andrew accepted all the medical treatment on offer with optimism. He was able to return to work, complete a second degree, have another child, travel to Italy and celebrate his 30th birthday. Andrew was blessed in having a supportive and loving family who enabled him to fulfil his wish to live his last years well and with purpose. Unfortunately not all brain cancer patients will experience this level of support. It is heart-warming for Andrew’s family to know that the White Matter Charity for brain cancer has been established in his memory, and will assist other brain cancer patients and their families during this most challenging and difficult of times.